Editora Livronovo is a brazilian publishing house founded in 2008 to meet the book self-publishing market and has evolved into the segment of business publications.
But its managers have over 30 years experience in printing and book publishing, as well as catalogs, magazines, tabloids and other materials for corporate communications and advertising. Only in the book publishing industry, we have already published more than 350 titles. Click here to see some of them.
We operate exclusively on the Internet. Today, we are a team of over 20 professionals spreaded across various cities of Brazil, but integrally connected.
This streamlines processes and dramatically reduces internal costs, allowing us to offer customers lower prices and deadlines.
E-mail us today. We have experience at your service.

Investing in the brazilian publishing market.

We provide comprehensive advice to companies in the printing and publishing industry that are interested in establishing themselves in Brazil or do business with companies here.
We provide guidance from specific local legislation for the publishing industry and to the development of logistics.
We can also refer and provide support in evaluation of graphical suppliers and skilled professionals at all steps of the production of books, magazines and newspapers.
For more information, send an e-mail to Zeca Martins, mr.